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Welcome to Fake Moustache and our 'Moustached Guide to Everything'. If you've been looking for a site crammed full of useful information and pointless moustaches then you've stuck gold. After years of drawing fake moustaches in school books and newspapers, I thought that I should get with the times and and bring the art-form to a new meduim: the Internet.

The inherent comedy value of the fake mowser is universal and so I feel that it could be a vital tool in uniting people of different cultures, religions and races. Thus the goal of this site is simple: to provide no nonsense, moustached based knowledge and to promote world peace. Oh, and to make me rich. God, thats beautiful.

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Name: Adolf
Location: Gemany
Make Beard! Not War
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When not drawing fake pen moustaches on unsuspecting babies, I enjoy music, travel and moustache stroking. So, I'll initially concentrate my efforts expaning those parts of the site. I'll probably give the baby thing a miss though as I wouldn't want to get into trouble with the police again. You know, some people just don't have a sense of humour.

OK, I think thats enough random banter for the time being, I hope you enjoy the site's seemless blend of information and moustached based humour. Hopefully this mixture of fact and moustaches will prove be a winnning formula.

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